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Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X: The Fatal Friendship

A middle grade book 

Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X is the story of how Ali redefined what it means to be a Black athlete in America, informed by Malcolm's leadership. An extraordinary portrait of love, friendship, and power as well as deceit and betrayal, here is a window into the public and private lives of two national icons, and the tumultuous period in the American Civil Rights Movement that they helped to shape.

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We Are The United States 

A middle grade picture book

Margeaux Weston & Sarosh Arif

Across 51 charmingly illustrated infographic maps, covering every state of the USA from Alabama to Wyoming, We Are The United States celebrates the glorious rainbow of different heritages, religions, hobbies, vocations, and cultures that populate the United States.


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20th Century African American History for Kids

A middle grade book 

From fighting against discrimination to changing the landscape of art and music, discover the incredible ways that Black Americans influenced the world we live in today. Spanning the 1900s through the 2000s, this journey through history introduces kids to the struggles and triumphs of Black people in the United States through 30 defining moments of the 20th century.


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